Samorost 2


Play the free version of the game – Chapter 1 only – by going to the Amanita Design website. If you get stuck, watch the walkthrough video further down the page to find out how to complete the game.

This promotional video shows how the game is played:



Aims: for students to develop their intensive reading skills and develop their vocabulary through situated meaning
Resources: free version of Samorost 2, one computer with Adobe Flash player per 2-3 students, walkthrough video, worksheet
Age: 8-10, 11-14, 15-18
Level: A2+
Time: 30 minutes plus optional extension


Before the lesson

  1. Prepare a short, gapped summary of the first scene in the garden and grade it to your students’ level. For example:

One night, a _____ landed on a strange planet. A _____ heard the noise and came out of his _____ to see what was happening. When he saw the mysterious _____, he was scared and ran back inside. Two _____ came out of the _____ and walked down a _____, into the _____. They stole some _____ from the _____ and looked at the _____.

When the poor _____ came out of his _____, the _____ threw him into a _____ and took him up into their _____! It was then that the _____’s owner woke up. When he saw the _____ flying away with his _____, he decided to go after them …

  1. Play the first level of Samorost 2 and write down step-by-step instructions on how to complete it. Once again, grade the text to your students’ level and highlight words that may be new to them, as in the example.
  2. Jumble the order of the instructions. In the example below, the first and last instructions are in the correct order. Before checking the answers below, why not play the game and work out the correct order for yourself?

    1 Click on your character in the spaceship.
    Click the large handle next to the anteater to make water go into the cauldron.
    Pick up the cork.
    Put the bug on top of the tree you’re in.
    Wait for the snail to drink from the bucket and fall asleep.
    Hit the robot on the head with the hammer.
    Click the middle jar on the shelf to make the cork come out.
    Turn the small handle on the right next to the cauldron.
    Move to the left so you can see two anteaters on a pipe.
    Move to the right so you can see an animal on a long, tall plant.
    Go out of the house and quickly put the cork in the hole.
    Click on the small arrow in the bottom-left to walk past the robot.
    Turn the wheel under the cauldron to make the water boil.
    Go back into the house.
    Pick up the hammer and go back to your spaceship.
    Click on the animal to make it jump to a different plant.
    Pick up the green bug from the tree without any leaves.
    Click on the small anteater to make it fall.
    Click on the animal again to make it jump back and make some seeds go into the pipe.
    Go into the large round house.
    Turn the small wheel on the pipe above the bucket.
    Oh no! You’re stuck in a tree!
    23 Congratulations! You’ve completed the first level!

    Check your answers:
    1, 13, 8, 4, 20, 22, 7, 16, 9, 14, 11, 5, 18, 12, 21, 15, 3, 10, 17, 6, 19, 2, 23

  3. Use a walkthrough video, such as the one shown below, to check your instructions are in the correct order.
  4. Load the free version of Samorost 2 on your classroom computers so it is ready to start at the beginning of the first level, as in the video. To do this, go to Load level and enter the code POKLOP.

During the lesson

  1. Explain to students that they are going to tell the first part of a story. Hand out your gapped text and set a time limit for them to complete it. Get feedback from one or two students.
  2. Start Samorost 2 on your computer. Ask students to watch and check their first paragraph. Then click on the kennel and ask students to check the second paragraph.
  3. Tell students they are going to play the game and that to help them, you’ve prepared some clear instructions. Sadly, of course, the instructions are in the wrong order and they will need to write the numbers 2-22 in the left-hand column! Explain that they may not know some of the words, but the game will help them learn what the words mean.
  4. In groups of two or three, students play the first level and complete the task.
  5. Once most groups have finished, get feedback by asking different teams to read the instructions to other students, who listen and use these to complete the first level on your computer.


Depending on your students and the time available, you could:

  • leave out the gapped text activity in the introduction and simply ask students to describe what takes place on the screen
  • break the instructions into sections to make the task more achievable
  • complete the game whole-class, with students in teams taking turns to try each stage
  • set up a running dictation in which the instructions are in the correct order – one student reads them and relays them to a partner at the computer
  • give students gapped instructions in the correct order and tell them to fill in the gaps while they complete the game
  • give students instructions in the correct order but with deliberate mistakes for them to find and correct
  • ask students to check their answers using the walkthrough video
  • ask students to play the next level for homework and write instructions for their classmates to follow in the next lesson
  • get students to write the first level as a story, continuing the text from the introduction and possibly adding in other elements that are not shown, such as the character’s feelings.


Do you feel you could use this lesson idea with your students? If so, how would you integrate it into your curriculum? How would you make sure your students used English?

Can you think of any other ways of using Samorost 2 in the classroom?



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